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The Company

Anamac Fine Food is a registered trademark of the company Anamac Unipessoal, Lda, founded in 2003. We have facilities in Ermesinde, near Porto, Portugal. However, we provide fast our customers all over the country.
Our passion is to find and select unique and authentic food products, and make them reach to the final consumer, through our customers. Food products, differentiated and with high standards of quality. Our offering focuses way more relevant in gourmet products and organic products.
We work with Portuguese products, but also we represent brands from many different countries.
From our warehouse we supply our customers all over the country, seeking to combine food products with the highest quality standards, at the best price.
Our portfolio of brands, are part of some of the most renowned producers of this segment at the international level.
Distribute regional food products, produced by hand or using artisanal techniques, which preserve the authentic flavours of each origin. Interculturality, diversity and unity of cultures through cuisine is our focus.
We do not sell to the public directly. We are a wholesale company of food products. We provide our food products for resale to customers who bet in the quality and in the differentiation of food products that market: we provide Gourmet shops, organic stores hotels, Wineries, restaurants, bakeries, Gourmet Corners, Companies producing baskets Christmas, and delicatessens.
Contact us, our team is available to answer your questions.

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