mineral natural sparkling water from Azores

“Young” waters, according to geologists do not participate in the water cycle. The centuries-old precipitation accumulates inside the boilers and does not evaporate again; protected and preserved from all external elements until the moment of bottling.
The Origin: In the Furnas (AZORES) region there are, in a few square kilometers, at least 43 springs and 12 boilers (these with hot water, between 40ºC and 100ºC). The emergencies of cold, phreatic waters, originate in underground reservoirs dispersed at depths between 70 and 150 meters.
Magnificat (I and II) is a naturally carbonated mineral water (gasocarbon), a phenomenon that occurs at 8ºC and at more than 8-9 atm (more than 80 meters in depth).
Gasocarbonic mineral: pH 5.1; lig. acidity; Concession existing for more than 100 years;
0.33L and 1L packaging
Internationally awarded by the Fine Water Society
Received the Bronze medal at the Taste Awards of the Fine Waters Summit 2019, in Stockholm, in the gas-carbonic water category, distinguishing itself from hundreds of other world brands; Award recognizes and reinforces the excellence of the quality of this water, placing it among the best in the world.

20 July 0020