Medallions of monkfish with smoked bacon risotto of crab and peas

Recipe for: 10 people

Medallions of monkfish with smoked bacon
2 kg fillets of monkfish (3 medallions per person)
30 slices smoked bacon
1 dl extra virgin olive oil
Flor de sal q. b.

Clean monkfish and portioning in medallions. Wrap monkfish in bacon, blush in olive oil and bake at 180 ° c for 4 to 5 min. (until you reach 48 ° C in the centre). Finished with flower of salt.

Shrimp Bread Panko
400 gr shrimps 20/30 (1 shrimp per person)
Salt q. b. (Marisol)
Pepper Mill q. b.
100 gr tempura flour
1 uni water with gas
1 gem
3 ice cubes
150 gr Bread Panko
100 gr wheat flour (Rustichella D Abruzzo)

Peel shrimp, leave the tail, take out the gut, get a toothpick and season with salt and pepper of the mill.
To make tempura with rice flour, seltzer water, egg yolk, and ice cubes.
Pass the shrimp through the flour. Then, pass by the tempura and then bread in panko. Remove the excess bread panko.
Reserve in the freezer.

mango Chutney
2 sleeves (brunesa)
2 apples (brunesa)
½ Pineapple (brunesa)
2 cinnamon sticks
3 union star anise
200 g sugar
3 dl orange juice
1,5 dl cider vinegar (Edmond Fallot)
1gr pink pepper (Casale Paradiso)
5gr mint (chopped)
100gr echalotes (chopped)
1 stick of citronelle (cut in half)

To caramelize the sugar. Add the vinegar and let boil. Join echalote, the spices, the orange juice. Leave to boil. Add the apple and the pineapple. Let cook for 15 min, slowly. Join the sleeves. Let cook 5 more min. Fiddling with the sticks for 10 seconds to undo a little of the sleeve. Finish with mint chopped up and cool down quickly. Remove the cinnamon stick and star anise and citronelle.

Risotto of crab and sweet peas
500 gr Rice carnaroli (Acquerello)
50 gr Onion (chopped)
50 gr tomato (cubes)
100 gr butter
0,5 dl white Wine
2 l Broth of crustaceans
500 gr peas (pre cooked)
200 gr folder shoe rack
100 gr parmesan
Salt q. b. (Marisol)
Pepper mill q. b.

Sauté the onion, refresh with white wine, glaze the rice. Add the tomato paste. Add broth crustaceans gradually, up to the point of cooking desired. Add peas and pasta with crab sauce. Let cook for 1 min. Finish with parmesan. Rectify seasoning.

Emulsion of crustaceans and curries
1 l of Broth of crustaceans
50 gr echalotes
1 Nutty clarified butter
400ml Cream
40 gr curry from Madras
50 ml white wine

Refugar the shallot with clarified butter. Add the curry powder. Stop pulling 10 sec, cool off with white wine and add the broth of the shellfish and leave to reduce to two thirds. Add the cream. Let reduce until desired consistency. Pass by chinese network. Rectify the seasoning and reserve. Heat the sauce to a time and emulsify with the wand.

20 gr germinated coriander (for decoration)
10 ends of fennel (decoration)

Recipe by Chef Vitor Matos