Thigh of duck confit

Recipe for: 10 people

Thigh of duck confit

10 uni thigh pato confitadas (Maison Papillon)

Clear the bone of the leg, blushing in sauté in non-stick no-fat no (until well brown). Put in the oven for 10 min to warm up (160 ° C)

Mashed sweet potatoes
1.7 kg sweet potato
2 dl cream
100 gr butter
q. b. salt (Marisol)
q. b. pepper mill

Take a potato with the skin in the oven with coarse salt, peeling, pass pass-vite. Mash in the thermomix.
Assemble mashed with cream, butter, salt and pepper mill. Book. Serve with a bag of pastry.

Sliced celery
300 gr ball of celery (cut ace slices of 0.5 cm height)
100 gr butter
q. b. salt (Marisol)

Do 30 slices of celery, with the help of a hoop. Cook in boiling water, seasoned with salt. Cool in water and ice. Drain and reserve. At the moment, blushing on the butter. (3 slices per serving)

white Asparagus and green
5 white asparagus
5 green asparagus
1 dl of chicken broth
20 gr butter
5 gr sugar

Peel the asparagus, bringir and book. Laminar at the moment. Glacear in chicken broth, butter, and sugar.

orange Sauce
50gr echalotes (chopped)
1 knob of clarified butter
5 dl Wine of tawny port
1 l meat broth
Zestes of 3 oranges + juice
100gr sugar
Q. b. Salt (Marisol)

Whiten the zestes of the oranges in two waters. Reduce the orange juice, sugar and port wine to 1/3 volume.
Pull the echalotes, add the demi-glace. Leave to boil. Join the reduction. Re-let reduce to half. Finish with the zestes and let boil 5 min. Book.

500 gr small orange (in 30 supreme)
10 grams red vein sorel

Recipe by Chef Vitor Matos