The Gnocchi Bolognese

The Gnocchi Bolognese:
500 g Gnocchi di Patata Rustichella D\'abruzzo;
250 g minced meat tomato sauce to taste
200 ml of white wine
1 minced onion garlic powder and nutmeg to taste olive oil salt to taste
50 g margarine
1\\/2 chicken broth of minced meat


chop the onion and sauté with oil in a pan until browned.
Add meat previously seasoned with salt, garlic powder, nutmeg and white wine.
Leaving the meat simmering go stirring.
Add the tomato paste, and cook until you create a consistent sauce, finally add the margarine and the chicken broth.

Gnocchi preparation: Bake the potato gnocchi in boiling water with salt, and in 2 minutes you\'re ready!
Mix with minced meat.